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The Man that Changed Existence: Bernard Poolman

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The Greatest Man to have ever walked the Earth has died.

Bernard Poolman was declared dead on August 11th 2013 at 2.50AM S.A Time - his heart stopped.

He would never claim to be "the Greatest Man to have walked the Earth" - in fact, he once told me in a moment we shared alone inside the car: "I am just a piece of dirt, talking dirt. Bernard does not exist".

The reality is that in a world where Absolute Self-Honesty, Commitment and Dedication to Life is simply nonexistent, Bernard - as the Living Human Expression of such - becomes, by definition, the Greatest Man to have walked the Earth. Forget about Buddha, forget about Lao... forget even Jesus: What Bernard has achieved in his last Life Time will echo till the end of Time. Everyone that has ever walked this Earth is dwarfed by his achievement - yet, if you read his writings and hear his recordings it is clear that his "only desire" is that We All go "Super Nova" and explode in an unconditional Expression of Equal Life - and thus join him in "his greatness". That was his Life commitment, and he died precisely doing so. (interviews explaining what happened will be online soon).

What makes Bernard the "Greatest Man to have walked the Earth" is simply one thing:The Principle that he stood for and as and Lived fully --> Equality and Oneness as All as Life. This is what I am calling "his achievement", this is the "greatness" point that he has established for himself and lived fully: THE PRINCIPLE. That is why "Bernard" did not exist -- only the Principle of Equality and Oneness as What is Best for All Life. That is why he was only "a piece of talking dirt": A Principle Based Living "piece of dirt".

I am one of the very few luckiest people that had the opportunity to meet this "Piece of Talking Earth".
I meet him on the 5th of April 2012. He and Esteni received me and Joana at the Kings Shaka Airport in Durban, S.A. It was a hot day. He was sitting down with Esteni having a coffee in the airport cafe outside, and when he saw us he got up and gave each of us a hug. Last time I was in his presence was on the day I left the farm, the 4th of May 2012. We hugged. I said to him "thank you so much for everything". In Humbleness he nodded his head and his last words to me were: "Make the Best".

When I read the first message that was sent to the group saying that Bernard had died I did not want to believe it. I felt the energy rush on my solar plexus right away. I was in denial, hopping it was a "test". At the same time it all seemed too real and therefore I was also in shock: I spoke to Leila (she lives on the Farm) on skype and she confirmed it. I felt like crying, and a few tears came down. It was clear to me that this would not change what we, Destonians, are doing as a group. If anything it actually has made me stronger: my resolve and commitment to this process is greater. Bernard's death to me is like the death of a Father: Now I am in this world alone with "his shoes to fill". His death revealed a void within me that only I can fill: He stood as the Living Example of Self-Honesty; The Living Example of Lived Self-Forgiveness -- in essence, the Living Example of LIFE. Now that he is gone it is clear to me that only I can become my own example of Self-Honesty; my own example of Lived Self-Forgiveness -- in essence, the Living Example of LIFE -- for MYSELF first, and thus everyone else. I realized that I have placed the responsibility for Change on Bernard, and now that he is dead I can see how it is up to me, first, to Change Myself: Stand within and as the Same Principle he stood for and as: What is Best for All Life as Equality and Oneness.
His Death is his Ultimate Teaching to me. My world is not the same anymore: It is not the same because it seems like for the first time I can see that only I can walk my Process, only I can change myself, only I can establish my Self-Honesty. In a way, now that he is dead, these is a sense of "freedom" that has emerged within me: This only means that I recognize the responsibility I have toward myself to set myself free. I can see now how I was hopping he would do that for me -- now I see that it is Entirely up to me. 

I wish everyone in the world could have met him for at least one day -- poor guy, he would have to grow very old...
In one day he would change your world for ever - you would not be the same anymore: With words he would have you see and consider things that you had never before seen and considered, and within it he would help you come closer to the realization of Who You Really Are as Life. I spent 30 days in his presence, and for that I am one of the luckiest persons on this Earth.

When Bernard was talking directly to me about points relevant to Who I have become in separation of Life, it was as if he was looking into the "depths of my being": It was like he was inside me, knowing ALL of me, and with every single word he spoke he would "pierce my heart" with "arrows of awareness, self-honesty and common sense" to make me See what is real: What it is that I am doing to myself and how I can bring myself back to Reality. It was like looking into the Mirror of Truth. How many people, dead or alive, in this world could/can do this? No one else. So you see, what his daughter Cerise said about him could not be more exact: "Now he is dead, and the world is poorer for it."

Jesus's second coming came as Bernard: He took on himself the task of becoming Jesus's Living Message of Forgiveness, "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and "Investigate all things and keep what is good". He has done this to the ultimate degree, and within it he has changed Existence forever.

He has changed my Existence in an inconceivable way. Those who have been in his presence and received his support can adhere to this, as well as all of those that have dared themselves to hear his words and apply his message.

We, Destonians, are his Disciples.
Unfortunately this word ("disciples") has been misunderstood throughout the ages, and as a consequence all that we have ever had is "Jesus's believers". The so called "Jesus's disciples" were just "Jesus's believers": They believed in Jesus, but they did not have the Discipline to live his message, they did not in fact followed his footsteps and thus did not become Equal to Jesus.

Bernard is the only Disciple Jesus ever had - and we, Destonians, are his Disciples: We will walk on his footsteps, we will walk the same process he walked. He is dead but he lives in all of those that commit to risk everything to create a World Best for All -- in his words, "what is the point of this life if nothing of it continues after death?"

He is dead but all of him still continues as the Desteni Message and the Destonians.
He changed my existence - and every other Destonian's. Together we will change existence -- we will change this world. This process of change has been documented for years and it will still be documented, everyday, online, for all to see. We, Destonians, stand as The Solution as we become the Living Words spoken by Bernard.

Bernard with the dogs, jeans, a warm shirt
he used often and leather boots
Bernard, the "piece of dirt", was a gentle man. He was always surrounded by dogs. He would care for the well-being of all at the farm. He was the one that went shopping for food. He would feed the dogs, give them water. He would always make sure that the big kettle always had water to prepare coffee. One day, when he arrived from shopping, he sat at the table outside to play a card game with a new French press coffemaker and said: "ahah, now we are ready". He loved his coffee, and he had the funniest practical jokes. One day my internet connection wasn't good on my laptop, so I sat with Bernard in his room for the group chat we were having. He would type slowly, using the middle finger of each hand. He wrote something, pressed enter and when he read it he realized there was a typo and he said "oh, fuck!" - and then in a manner of "letting go" he said "oh well" while shaking his head and hand. In the mornings he would come outside still in his white robe, with a cup of coffee in his hand and barefoot. He was always using either jeans or shorts if it was too hot. He would always use the same kind of shirt and he always used the same leather boots that seemed quite old -- he said to me: "these (boots) are the best. You buy them one time, and they last forever". He was always very consistent in his movement, whether he was walking, preparing coffee, putting wood in the fire, eating, opening and closing cupboards, petting the dogs... 

The main Farm House - view from my room
I used to spend a lot of time in the house where he slept (outside and inside) and many times he would look at me and say "What's up, Joao?" -- the only thing I wanted was that he started to speak, about anything and everything: "Tell me something that will support me" is what I used to think for myself -- and many times he did. I have quite a few recordings that I made with my phone, PC and voice recorder, and some will be shared soon for all to hear what he was like when he was not doing any specific interview. In one of the conversations we had alone he was telling me about certain events that took place in his life, and I started laughing, as I thought to myself "it is the same thing with me", and he said "yes, it is the same shit you have". Once he said to me "You are the Portuguese version of me, it's fascinating" - that was nice to hear that, because if he was able to transcend his limitation, I must also be able to do it -- and if I can do it, everyone can also do it. Many times I was the last person leaving the house where he slept, and I was fortunate to have had one on one conversations with him. I always wished those conversations would last longer, but when it was 3am and I had to be up at 7am to care for the horses, I had to sleep... But if he had stayed up talking to me, I would have stayed up and listen to every word he had to say. It might not seem like it, but he could be very softly spoken, almost like whispering. I could hear him talk for hours. Some people cannot stand his voice (too much honesty in his words?) -- but to me his voice is like the sound of the smallest wave crashing into shore; it is like the birds singing in the morning; it is like the sweetest lullaby. Many times when I go to bed I put one of his interviews knowing I will fall asleep with him talking some sense into my dreams... He never told me to do anything, he never decided for me, he only ever made suggestions - but most of all he asked me questions: "Who are you, Joao?". Bernard would drive without a sit belt, and once he said "When it is your time to die, you die" -- as it turns out he never needed the sit belt... Once he placed his hand on my shoulder and said "breathe" - He had a soft touch. Slowly he started to massage and with his thumb he found a spot, pressed down and said: "This is the pain you are causing to the body" -- yes, it was very painful! One day after a card game, Oinky, the dog, jumped on top of the table, and from there he jumped to Bernard's lap and sat down - Bernard said: "I am a dog chair now".
Oinky - The King Dog
This is the "piece of dirt" I will miss. This is the kind, caring, honest, joyful and playful "piece of dirt" that I will miss - and that saddens me. 

I joined the Desteni Open forum on January 2008 after having spent 4 months watching videos, reading the material and applying the tools. My first post on the forum was on the 9th of February, and the title was "To be honest, I do not know". Within it I expressed my uncertainty about Desteni: "Is it true? Or is it all a lie?". I wanted it to be true, but "how can I be sure?" At the same time, "how can this NOT be the truth? No one could conjure up this stuff". Everything made absolute sense - but the story behind it seemed unbelievable: "Is this real? Is this The History of the Universe? The History of mankind? Is this it?". I had already realized that whichever way we "got here", the only relevant point was the solution -- and by the time I made the post I had already been applying Self-Forgiveness for almost 6 months and I could clearly see the benefits. I could also NOT deny the obvious Common Sense message that was shared. But in my mind there was always a "but". Bernard answered to my post:


you are facing the point all will face 

self honesty as life--or self dishonesty as I still want to--I am not sure--and various ways the mind test you 

In an illusion--self honesty will be presented by the mind as deception--because it does not fit in any pattern --it does not follow any rule 

to be oneness--by itself--is the mind--to be one and equal--the solution--thus-what is this one and equal and how do we live it practically 

we may suggest--but you have to live and find out who you really are

the process of self honesty requires no time--as it is simple 

we are either self honest as life as all as equal-- and that is who and what we live 

or we are self dishonest--thus trying to work out what self honesty would be 

in this--we have the breath to establish the self trust and self expression 

thus--do not change what you do--live what you do and in every breath--answer the living question--Am I self honest as ALL LIFE as EQUAL and THUS one 

should be fun--as this is not about right or wrong--but to focus on one point--equality and oneness--to stop all POLARITY 

as polarity is separation in manifested form 


These are (some of) his last words to me on from a chat I had with him online on the 1st of August 2013:

Bernard Poolman: People either live directively facing consequence, or they live waiting for things to happen to them before they make decisions. You have to decide who you are in every breath at the cutting edge of time. That determines, through accumulation, who you will be and who you may become.
 Joao Jesus: the consequence being me changing -- making those decisions for real imply that I change for real
Bernard Poolman: Yes, that's one of it - but, also your world changing. When you change, your world change - will you make the same decisions once your world changes? When I look at a decisions, I incorporate all possible change to ensure that no matter what change: my decision will stand. There I look at it in self honesty =  that is the cutting-edge of time. Then I remain the same throughout all time, based on Principles.

The Best Gift I can give myself and the world is to become the example he was, so that I can grace myself and others with the same brutal and unconditional loving Self-Honesty that he was.

He changed Existence because he changed my Existence - and as I "become him" -- meaning, as I become the Same Living Principle of Equality and Oneness as Life as What is Best for all -- I will be able to support others with the same unconditional support he gave me.

The Life of the Father will be visited upon the children

These are the Lyrics of a song I wrote about Bernard, 24 hours after he died. The song will soon be available on EQAFE:

You might be gone
But you're with me in every step I take
You might have passed on
But you're still with me in every bound I break

Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for your laughter
But most of all thank you
For your Liveliness

You showed me the way
To really love my fellow man
You showed me how
We are all just made of clay

I make your words my own
And your example my breath of Life
And I won't stop until Life is Rife

I am glad I met you
And lived by your side
To see what it means
To care for Life

We'll still be here
Showing others what you showed us
And together
We'll get past all fear

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Police Shoots Dog CA - A blog to All Animal Lovers

Saturday, 6 July 2013 1

This blog is about an unfortunate incident that happened in California recently: dog was shot dead by the police -- an incident that because of all the social media attention that it had and continues to have is worth looking at in more detail to see exactly what happened and why is it that the video has gone viral.

One must be really self honest when looking at this event because it really shows what kind of society we have today -- and we must be grateful to the dog for standing on this point of showing the world how messed up the human being really is.

First of all I want to make it clear that I am not standing on "anyone's side" -- the whole situation could have been avoided if both the dog owner and the police had acted in the best interest of all -- unfortunately none did so, and in the end the dog dying is the proof that not all parts and relationships between these parts in that particular situation where not considers to obtain a result that is best for all.

Secondly -- I just want to say to all animals lovers the following: You really must wake up!
A dog is killed, you see it on video and there you are completely "outraged", pretending that you give a fuck about anything in this world... Really? The extent of which one can be dishonest never ceases to amaze me...

If you REALLY cared about animal rights, you would FIRST OF ALL care for the specie that you belong to: HUMANITY. Do you care about humanity? No you don't -- because if you did your actions would show; your daily application would prove it; your words would reflect that; what, when, why, and how you spend your money would demonstrate that you care -- but if you are really self-honest you will see that you do not care at all. And the way that you have found to deceive yourself into thinking that you are a "good person" is by "caring" for the animals.
But seriously, explain this to me: How is it possible to REALLY care for animals if we do not in first place CARE FOR EACH OTHER?

Realize: Caring for animals will never ever be the solution -- because that will in fact NEVER really happen. Animals will ONLY be REALLY CARED FOR if and when we CARE for EACH OTHER for REAL -- which implies that there is not ONE SINGLE HUMAN BEING dying of hunger, for starters. Once we in fact care for each other, caring for the animals will be a natural outflow -- come on, this is COMMON SENSE!

You see a dog being killed, you have an energetic experience that makes you feel sad and angry -- and then you pretend to care -- you even go as far as making death threats to the police officer that killed the dog. But you must realize: You are the one who actually killed the dog -- the dog died to show you what you are in fact doing to yourself and to your fellow human beings -- because if you really CARED for LIFE, you would do everything possible to ensure that every human being as a dignified Life -- and within this Context EVERY Animal will also have a dignified Life.

Every day millions of people die, murdered by an ideology called money that says that "if you do not have access to me (money), you are condemned to die" -- and that is exactly what happens, every minute of every day. Where is your outrage? I dare you to show the world that you CARE for REAL!

Every day unspeakable abuse done by Human Beings on their fellow Human Beings takes place on Earth -- do you really CARE?

A video of a dog being killed goes viral as millions of people pretend to care --- just like a video of a Korean guy doing a dance and singing some sexual content goes viral, with more than 1.5 BILLION views. It is all just entertainment...
Real videos of real importance that can actually make a difference if listened to and studied -- most have a few thousand views, some do not even have reach one thousand. So, do you see? No one really cares -- it is all a pretense. Even with the pace at which things are getting worse and worse, no one is really listening and studying the videos and documents/texts/blogs that really make a difference.

If we go back to the video, and if you read a little bit about what really happened, the dog owned was disturbing the police officers with the investigation that was undergoing because he had loud music playing from the car. The police told him to turn off the music so that they did not have their ears impaired, and thus allow them to do their job. He ignored it and he even said "fuck off" to the police. It seems like he was asking for it...
He puts the dog in the car, does not consider what he is actually doing and therefore did not close the window of the car. The police comes and cuff him right away -- barely no talking, no intention to solve the situation the best way -- and you will see that the dog owner did not resist at all, which is the best way to deal with the police, but it seems like he wanted to be arrested all along...
The dog, the only one that ACTUALLY CARED, jumps out of the car, "worried" about the well being of his owner. The police officers are obviously apprehensive because the dog could really harm and even kill one of them. Everything happens too fast, the dog is confused, everyone tries to keep their calm as much as possible because the danger is obvious. The dog attempts and attack and the police officer shoots, doing what he was trained to do. Had he not shoot the dog, he would likely be in hospital or even dead. Maybe even the dog and the police officer could have died. Imagine the dog gets hold of the officer and he is unable to defend himself -- would only then the other police officers intervene and shoot? What if they missed and shoot the officer?

I mean, you really must consider what the consequences could have been if he had not fired the gun in that moment. People are too quick to judge, and unless you actually step in the shoes of a police officer and really experience what such entails, you have no clue as to what it really means to be a police officer.

Could this whole situation have been avoided? Of course.
Do you think that the police officer that shot the dog really wanted to do it? I seriously doubt it... But tell me, what would you have done if you had a gun in your hand and a rottweiler jumping on you to bite you?

"Prevention is always the best cure"

First of all the dog owner shouldn't have interfered with the investigation and turn off the music when asked to. The police did not arrest him because he was filming them -- many other people were doing, but he was the only one interfering with their job because of the loud music. So, as you can see, in a way, he is the one responsible for the death of his dog, and he knows it -- all you have to do is put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself: "What could I have done to prevent my dog being killed?"

Then, he did not close the window.

The police officers did not even tried to talk to him further and insist to turn off the music or else risk being arrested for "obstruction of justice". Thus, no cooperation whatsoever to come to a quick solution.

Then, when the dog was out of the car, since the owner did not offer any kind of resistance to the arrest, the police officers could have released him even with the cuffs on -- he would not go anywhere, he would have calmed down the dog showing him that everything was "fine" and the dog would be alive today.

But - in the heat of the moment, everything is easier said than done, mostly when one has not developed oneself to ALWAYS consider What is Best for All in Any and All situations.

Here is a dare for all of those that claim to "care" for the animals: Make sure that you become part of a Solution that FIRST puts an end to the unnecessary suffering of the Human. Become part of the solution that will ensure everyone is well nurtured, well educated and with all healthcare access necessary.
Study the blogs, the videos and the documents that stand for and as this solution. Support it and share it, get involved and become a Human being that really CARE for LIFE!

What are you waiting for?
More shocking videos that show you must DO something?
If the videos are not enough, what will it be?
When the "shit hits the fan of your life", will you hear me then?


Place your vote on the system that will ensure everyone has a dignified Life:

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Study and share the blogs about the BASIC INCOME GUARANTEED -- a viable political solution that can "easily" be implemented "now" and that will ensure a Basic Living for the citizens of each country.

Listen, study and share these videos:

Documentaries to watch, study and learn from:
Adam Curtis – The Century of Self episode 1-4
Noam Chomsky – Manufacturing Consent
Adolfo Doring – Blind Spot
Noam Chomsky – The Power Principle
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Why I do not say "I LOVE YOU" anymore

Thursday, 21 June 2012 0
It is meaningless.

It means less than "here, I brought you some water".
It means less than "here, I got you a sandwich".
It means less than "the toilet is free, you can go have your shit".
It means less than "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"
It means less than "fuck!"

When you add up all the points that the phrase "I love you" means "less than" - you actually end up with NOTHING!

SO - "I love you" means NOTHING! Nothing at all!

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

"Oh, I am experiencing this thing inside me, I have no idea what it means, but it kind of feels nice... DON'T LEAVE ME!! NO, please you cannot do it! This thing that I have inside me, this feeling, would totally crush me"


"I love you... Can you see it!? It is right here, inside me, it is like, beautiful! It is so beautiful that I feel so light, and I feel like a light, shining, bright - so bright that I cannot see anything else.. Nothing else matters! The world is beautiful... For as long as you are here with me and for as long as this feeling lasts... I love you so much that all I care about in the world is this love that I have for you!"

There are billions of people in this world, trillions of animals, there is war, there is suffering, poverty, prostitution, slavery, child abuse, animal abuse -- so many atrocities happening in this world, but...

..."All I care about in this world is this love that I feel for you. I love you so much! I would do anything and everything for you"..

... Even kill other human beings, even allow poverty to exist. Even support a war that will protect me and my family through killing hundreds of thousands (millions?) of other innocent people/families... Children included, babies... Buy all the beauty products that were tested on animals and made by slaves in china just to look beautiful for you, my love...

"It does not matter what! This feeling is so strong... It is stronger than me! It is stronger than my will. It is stronger than my common sense -- because to my senses you are not common at all... You are SPECIAL! And that is why I love you! I love you! And I want to scream to the whole world "I LOVE YOU!!!!" SO DON'T LEAVE ME! I cannot live without you!"

... Even with the obvious fact that he/she was alive before meeting this "loved one"... The fact that no tree has ever needed love to live. No animal has ever needed love to live, and no human has ever needed love to live. All that is required is what is here as this earth: air, water, food, shelter.

So -- who is actually LOVING ALL FOR REAL? - without even saying a word? THIS EARTH!

This Earth FREELY provides to all life all that life requires to be alive. And in the name of the feeling called "love" we forget it, we ignore it -- in fact, we blind ourselves with such feeling and end up using it to abuse this earth and all life in it. 

Everyone is "in L-Ov-E" --- as in "Light OVer Earth" - with the "Light" being the Ego/mind/consciousness/energy that is imposed on the "Heart" that is "eartH" as this physicality -- the so called "Mind over matter". And everyone is afraid of being without this "love" - which is the mind. And that is why everyone fears dying: because the "love/mind/ego/consciousness" ends and all that is real (the body) goes back to the Earth.

Q: What would be an EVOL-ution?
A: The opposite of "LOVE": Earth Over Light - or - Matter over mind.

Within this, the mind would be the TOOL that would support the Physical (Earth) --- instead of LOOT(ing) (abuse) the Physical/Earth.

Q: What will be the catalyst for this evolution?
A: A system of Equality. Why? Because we are all EQUALLY from this earth with EQUAL physical requirements such as food, water, air, shelter.

THIS IS REAL LOVE -- this is the REAL LOVE that this EARTH is providing to all Life. Yet, only when we impose the mind over matter -i.e: I am more than you, you are less, you are worthless, you are my slave, you do not have the right to food, you do not have the right to live - things become unrealistic. Because the reality is that if it wasn’t for the physical there would be no mind. You can prove this to yourself. Stop eating and stop drinking (physical) for ever. What will happen to you? What will happen to your thoughts? What will happen to your memories? Can you live off of thoughts? Can you live off of memories? Can you live off of the "love" you feel for another person? Can you live off of the love another person has for you? OF COURSE NOT! You will die! Your mind will be no more! So, please, keep feeding your body with the appropriate nutrients: EAT AND DRINK!

So, there you have the proof: "Mind over matter" is unrealistic! What matters is matter - What is real is matter.

Thus - what really MATTERS is the FACT that we are just MATTER and as such we are EQUAL.
Therefore, a system of EQUALITY is the solution to put an end to the ABUSE of the "Mind over matter" so that we can start to USE the mind to serve matter / the Earth.

So, now you see: "WHAT IS THE MATTER, love?"

BE THE MATTER! --- Don’t mind! 

Friday, 15 June 2012


Friday, 15 June 2012 2
"Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved."

This sentence can be read on Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo.

In a world full bullshit about love, gems such as these are hard to find. 

This sentence alone sums up why the world is the way it is... Why is it that even though everybody "loves" somebody or something the world is still a mess... Why is it that so many people are "happy" and the world is still a mess. I mean, this is a big CON, right? If things are not what they seem to be then we must be CONvinced of something which is not! 
I find this sentence fantastic because, really, it says so much... 
It says that the greatest happines we can experience is not real! It is a CON.
It says that there is no such thing as "to be loved"! It is a CON.
Within this all, it is saying that we convince ourselves that we are "happy" and that we are "loved".

Sir Walter Raleigh could't have placed it any better on As Ye Came from the Holy Land

True love is a durable fire,
In the mind ever burning.

As I said in my previous blog, "love" is just an energetic experience that we create for ourselves. This experience has its origins in the mind based on what we have "convinced" ourselves about something/someone. And guess what? It does "burn" (energy) and it does shine a light - and that is why Geoffrey Chaucer said "Love is blind" on The Canterbury Tales - because the "light" that makes us feel "light" (thus the butterfly feeling in the stomach) is so bRIGHT (because it "feels so RIGHT") that blinds us.

But this fire, even though "durable", will only last for so long... Like the brasilian poet Vinicius de Morais said "Love is eternal as long as it lasts".

Just like what we thought about ourselves years ago is different from what we think now - and what we will think in the future will also be different from what we think now... And when the physical body dies our minds - and all we thought about (our memories, our experiences etc) -  also perish for ever... 
It is interesting to note how we take our thoughts so seriously - as if it is all we got, as if it is who we are - when in the end it is all gone. All the "love", all the "happiness", all the "sadness"... All gone. And in the name of "Love" and "happiness" we fight to avoid at all cost "sadness" - and for what? What kind of "love" is this that we have created for ourselves that, in the end, is absolutely meaningless? It is always just a demonstration of self interest.

The Bible, even with all its crap, still has some words that do point to a direction of what it means to have a "life worth of living": 

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Leviticus 19:18

Love your enemies. Matthew 5:44

Do you think it is possible to create an energectic experience of "love" for all your neighbours? And do the same for your enemies? Of course not - the mind cannot handle that much - it would quickly run out of energy (love). You can even see that in a singular relationship: it is called a "break up" because there was a break in the flow of energy. 
So - how can one "love thy neighbour as thyself"? The "trick" here is to "love others" as you "love yourself" -- and you do not love yourself based on an energy - you do not wake up in the morning, get yourself in front of a mirror and start kissing yourself as if you were dying to "be with yourself" - that is silly. You would never say to yourself "I cannot live without myself!" -- that makes no sense! Who is the "I" and who is the "myself"? You are ONE individual - and you live the one life you are/have as the "you" - Equal and One.

How do you love yourself? You breathe, you care for yourself, you feed yourself, you drink water, you do not place yourself in situations/circumstances of harm/pain, you grow in as many aspects as possible according to your physicality etc... - common sense stuff!
So - that is how you love your neighbour: You allow them to breathe, you allow them to care for themselves, you allow them to feed themselves, you do not place them is situations of harm/pain, you allow them to grow/develop etc... And when you do it together with your neighbour as one as equals, one can say that you are "in love": There is a real equilibrium - there is Equality, and within it real quality of Life.

You see? REAL LOVE is physical! - Never an energy as an experience within oneself.

And what does it mean to "Love your enemies"? It means to see that they are in fact "any me's" and therefore one stops the internal CONflict of and as fear through ForGiveness as the act of being "for-giving" to each and all REAL LOVE.

When we "Love our enemies" there are no more enemies in fact because we are loving "any me's". 

So - what would REAL love look like in the context of this world? What would that entail? 
- No war - in fact, no guns and no bombs, no artillery, no battle ships nor bombers, no nuclear weapons etc... 
- Everyone well feed.
- Everyone with proper housing
- Everyone with clean water
- Everyone with proper heath care
- Everyone with the best education
- Everyone with true opportunity (there is no such thing as "opportunity" in today's world: there is only the opportunity that money can buy)
- Everyone with the real possibility to grow in every aspect of life
- Everyone with equal access to all the resources of earth and all derived thereof

I mean, it is simple: That which you wish for yourself (THE BEST) is what would be given to everyone - This is REAL LOVE.

If you are incapable of such act of love - what does that say about you? What does that say about what you accept and allow yourself to be? It simply means that you are less than what you can in fact be and become. It means you are not giving everyone the "credit" (money?) each one is entitled to - it means you are not recognizing each one's worth -- and therefore, as per definition, you are worthless yourself because you cannot give. Like it says in the Bible, "You reap what you sow".

Shall we make LOVE Real?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Love Delusion exposed - Inspired by Sarah Dessen

Thursday, 7 June 2012 1

Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities because they somehow complete you.” 
Sarah Dessen - This Lullaby

So, here we have a quote from Sarah Dessen from her book "This Lullaby" which perfectly shows the nonsense called "love".

So, first: "Love is needing someone". Do we have any idea what this actualy means?
It says in the bible that "In the beginning there was the word and the word was God and the word was with God". This I have found, in my process, to be the pinacle of creation. I mean, what is the "special" characteristic of God? He is a creator - he created everything (out of nothing). So, through the word God had the power to create.
Look at your life: See how you are the result of the words you heard and the words you have spoken.
You are the result of your education: and, have a look, you were educated through words.

So, what are we really saying when we say "Love is needing someone"? Do we realize the consequences of this?

Within this it is implied that through "love" one is fulfiling oneself - because one "needed" someone. It is implied that one is not whole - it is implied that one is not "one" -- how ironic right?
It is implied that "love" makes one seperate from oneself.

Within this it is implied that there is a perfect excuse and justification for "all my pain and sufering": "I am suffering, I am not whole, I am not one, please, I need someone to love".
And what is even more fucked up is that even when one has another one to love, one is still fucked up! -- which brings us to the even more fucked up point of "Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities" --- What the fuck!?!?

Ok, I understand, this world just made sense to me in this exact moment... Why? Because everyone in this world "loves". There is always someone we "love": Our family, our friends, our wives/husbands/kids... God...
This word is full of love, and that is what Christmas and Valentine's day proves, right?
And yet, with so much love in this world - this world is still fucked up! COMPLELTY! And why is that? Because "Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities"...
That is what we are doing in the name of "love": Accepting all the bad qualities that exist within us and that we end up living out in this physical reality. And now the question: "Why do we do this?" -- the answer being "because they somehow complete you."

I am in awe at this one phrase that explains everything that happens in this world... The reason why we are here, the reason why I was born, the reason why you are reading this, the reason why the economy is fucked, the reason why war exists, the reason why we ask "Why?".
Why are we here? Because of Love. Why am I here? Because of the love between my parents. Why are you reading this? Because you wanted to read a blog about love. Why is the economy fucked? Because of the love of money - aka "greed". Why war exists? Because of the love for the country - and because this bad quality completes us... Why do we ask "Why?" Because love is the reason "why".

It is all in the name of love -- But what is love really but an experience in the form of feeling/emotion that takes place within us? So, what is love but an energy that suddenly rises within us? What is love, really, but an experience that only each one of us can create for oneself? And therefore, can we really love anyone if that feeling/emotion only happens in each one? I have never felt anyone's love -- I have only felt "my love" as the experience that I created within me. I have never seen "love" being transferred between humans. So, what has love been all along but an experience of self-interest wherein one creates an experience as an energy within oneself about something or someone to feel good about oneself? 

As we can see "love" is but a delusion that we create for ourselves and believe it to be real.
If "love" as it is so largely said to be this amazing thing that "will sort out everything" was real in anyway - and considering the amount of "love" that exists in this world" - things would have never reached this point.

Here is my take on love: Unless you become the embodiment of THAT WHICH IS BEST FOR ALL and you can prove it and it can be verified that it is so without a shadow of a doubt - unless such is WHO YOU ARE: You will never REALize what love is.

I do not know in any way what that truly means - but I am determined to REALize it one day.

"Being and Living that which is best for all" is what I define Love to really be. I mean, is it worth it being anything less than this? Are we of any worth if we allow ourselves to be anything less than that?

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